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US Free Trade Agreements - Changes to NAFTA and KORUS, Steel,

Apr 22, 2019 - 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
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This webinar addresses changes to NAFTA and KORUS as a consequence of the past year’s negotiations to renew, or discard these major bilateral US trade agreements. You will learn what changes have been agreed for NAFTA and KORUS, what are the implications for you as exporters to, or importers from NAFTA and KORUS; and how formerly duty-free qualifying goods imported into the United States may now be subject to additional duties due to Trump administrative actions and cases involving steel, aluminum, washing machines and numerous other products that otherwise would be entitled to duty-free status.

Why one should attend the training
Don’t’ be surprised if your imported goods from Mexico, Canada or Korea are no longer duty-free or if your exports to these countries now are hit with substantial local duties.

Session Highlights
  • NAFTA – What does it require and how do you comply;
  • KORUS – rules for qualifying products as “originating’;
  • NAFTA and KORUS – benefits and costs;
  • Actual changes to KORUS;
  • Proposed revisions to NAFTA;
  • How the changes to both FTAs can affect you;
  • Dealing with third party suppliers to verify FTA qualifications;
  • Records and supporting informational requirements.
  • What to do if Mexico Customs shows up on your front door;
  • What? Not duty-free? The impact of special tariffs on FTA qualifying products;
  • Best Practices to ensure that your employer has no NAFTA or KORUS problems.

Who Will Benefit
  • Sales personnel – headquarters staff and field reps;
  • Logistics employees or agents;
  • Trade compliance staff;
  • Marketing personnel;
  • Product design staff (to ensure compliance with duty—free qualifications rules of NAFTA, KORUS.

key learning objectives of the Topic
  • Briefly, what do NAFTA and KORUS currently require?
  • What are the key proposed changes to NAFTA that will yield the USMCA?
  • How has KORUS been amended and what are its implications for you?
  • What procedural steps and their associated timing is required to approve the USMCA?
  • Discovering major added tariffs that have nothing to do with NAFTA or KORUS qualification.
  • What are the Best Practices to consider adopting to ensure accuracy and protection from Customs penalties?
  • How to coordinate changes in your export or import programs to recognize amendments to the Free Trade Agreements.

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Robin Grover is a Licensed Customs Broker, Certified Customs and Export Specialist, and Trade lawyer with nearly 37 years in representing businesses, trade 

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