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Translatable Models in Neuroscience

Oct 24, 2023 - 08:00 AM - Oct 26, 05:00 PM
Hanson Wade
Hilton Boston Logan Airport
One Hotel Drive,

ZIP: 02128
Phone: +1 713 554 8380

Ticket Price: USD 2599.00 - USD 4548.00


Amongst the latest innovations in patient-derived iPSC models, 3D brain organoid models, advances in artificially driving neurodegeneration in vivo, and AI/ML methods to utilize messy biological data, biopharma is prioritizing preclinical models.

The Translatable Models in Neuroscience Summit is bringing together 50+ in vitro, in vivo, and in silico model developers transforming CNS disease recapitulation and bridging the translational gap.

This an unrivalled opportunity to unite with neuroscientists, bioengineers, and AI/ML engineers to engage in meaningful discussion and advance CNS disease recapitulation, and catapult your pipeline toward the clinic.


Drug Developer Pricing - Conference + 1 Workshop: USD 3098.00,
Drug Developer Pricing - Conference Only: USD 2599.00,
Solution Provider Pricing - Conference + 1 Workshop: USD 4548.00,
Solution Provider Pricing - Conference Only: USD 3799.00

Speaker Details

Andrea Peralta, Senior Associate Scientist, Biogen, Beth Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer, Origami Therapeutics, Daria Prilutsky, Associate Director in Computational Biology, Takeda, Fares Bassil, Director, In Vivo Pharmacology, Eli Lilly and Co., Gabriele Proetzel, Senior Director - Neuroscience External Research, Takeda, Iosif Pediaditakis, Associate Director, Alchemab Therapeutics, James Fink, Director - Epilepsy Lead, Quiver Bioscience, Jeremy Huang, Senior Scientist, Sanofi, Julia Maeve, Bonner Principal Scientist, Sanofi, Justin Boyd, Senior Director - Translational Science, Vaxxinity, Katia Karalis, Executive Director Research and Development, Head of Human Systems for Disease Modeling, Regeneron, Michelle Sidor, Director of Neuroscience, Alchemab Therapeutics, Olga Liaudanskaya, Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati, Robert Fremeau, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, BrainStorm Therapeutics, Samantha Howard, Senior Scientist, Pfizer, Shane Hegarty, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Axonis, Steven Ryan, Director, Head of Biomedical Data Science, Quiver Bioscience

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