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Thriving in Place Live Webinar

May 20, 2019 - 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
WCS Consulting Inc.3190 Stirling Rd, Unit K4 ,Hollywood, FL 33021,

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This training will help you understand the medico-legal risks and benefits of enabling seniors to remain at home with the aid of technologies such as remote patient monitoring, community paramedicine, and telehealth; with reliance upon architectural concepts such as universal design; and with implementation of real estate development based on principles of “new urbanism.”

Session Highlights
  • The growing need for long-term care.
  • The basic nuts-and-bolts of remote patient monitoring
  • The advantages and limitations of telehealth services to the home
  • The drive to provide community paramedicine
  • The fundamental principles of universal design
  • The features of new urbanism and its track record to date
  • The economics of shifting care away from healthcare facilities and into the home

Why one should attend the training
The US population is rapidly aging. With age often comes wisdom, but also chronic health problems and their attendant limitations on mobility, vision, and physiologic function generally. Age segregated, institutional long-term care is a multi-billion dollar industry aiming to help solve these problems, but its expense is becoming unsustainable, and its appeal to seniors is likely to decline further with aging of Baby Boomers. Such facilities will always be necessary, but their desirability will likely shrink as their affordability already has. Our society needs to develop fresh approaches, and “thriving in place” is one. That path is not a panacea, however, and it does not cure the illnesses afflicting so many older Americans. If we are to develop better methods to manage these problems, we must do so with full appreciation of both the risks and the benefits of the alternatives. This presentation will concentrate on the medicolegal issues framed by the growing trend of facilitating aging at home.

key learning objectives of the Topic
  • shortcomings of the nation’s existing approaches to the problems of aging;
  • options available;
  • risks and benefits of reliance upon healthcare services that can be furnished in and to the home;
  • risks and benefits of utilizing homes built to accommodate the changing physical capabilities of seniors as they age;
  • risks and benefits of developing communities emphasizing walking, interdependence, and sustainability; and
  • current trends that enhance the potential of successful thriving in place.

Who Will Benefit
  • Community developers and home builders
  • Managers and administrators of long-term care facilities
  • Hospital administrators
  • Leaders of ambulance companies and services
  • Remote patient management services
  • Nurses and physicians who care for older adults
  • Financial planners focused on seniors
  • Managers of REITs

Speaker Details


Joseph P. (“Joe”) McMenamin is a physician-attorney who has dealt with the problems of the elderly both clinically and legally for much of his 38-year career. 

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