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Pharma curriculum development using a Learning Management System

May 08, 2019 - 07:00 PM
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Learning Management Systems (LMSs) are important tools for assuring and demonstrating that Pharma employees maintain their training, and their GMP compliance, up to date. They often boast great functionality but also have limitations that must be overcome for a Pharma company to use them effectively. An area that is not understood well is the development of training curricula in these systems, which presents its own unique challenges and takes far more time to implement than is commonly thought. In addition, many employees have these responsibilities in addition to others not necessarily related to training and do not have the luxury of time to create and maintain a complex array of curricula.

Why one should attend the training
This course will describe the development of job position curricula in the Pharmaceutical industry using a Learning Management System (LMS) and provide you with the tools needed to create effective curricula.

session Highlights
What a true Pharma curriculum is
Requirements for Pharma curricula
What a true Pharma curriculum is not
Why is setting up curricula so complicated?
Obtain details of employee job functions that are necessary for setting up curricula
How to create intuitive curricula
“Fighting the LMS” – common issues
Use LMS functionality
Audit considerations

Key learning objectives of the topic
  • Articulate what constitutes a Pharma curriculum
  • Distinguish a true Pharma curriculum from common misconceptions regarding Pharma curricula
  • Work effectively with peers and management to set up curricula for their organizations
  • Obtain details of employees’ job functions that are necessary for setting up curricula
  • Create curricula that are intuitive for employees
  • Demonstrate training compliance to auditors through the effective use of curricula

Who Will Benefit:
This course will be of benefit to training employees, both individual contributors and management, who are responsible for the creation and management of Pharma training curricula such as:
• LMS administrators
• Trainers
• Training managers and their supervisors
• Subject matter experts
• Regulatory management
• QA management
• Consultants
• Quality Managers
• Audit Managers

Speaker Details

Instructor Profile

Michael Esposito has over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry and 18 years experience in GMP training and document management.

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