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How Long Should I Keep My Patients’ Medical Records?

Mar 18, 2019 - 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
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How Long Should I Keep My Patients’ Medical Records? Disposition of Records and Records Retention for Medical Records, Including Electronic Records, covers basic perspectives and reviews models of state-mandated record-keeping laws in professional regulation with an emphasis on the health care professions. This course also covers the difference in government regulation and private requirements for record-keeping.
This webinar covers information for the health care practitioner who enters data in and maintains medical records of all kinds. This webinar also applies to facilities which are required to maintain medical records. Facility directors and others who are responsible for medical records will learn from this webinar.

Session Highlghts
Based upon the content of this program, you will be able effectively:
  • To know sources of legal requirements for medical records retention;
  • To identify sources of contractual requirements for medical records retention;
  • To state what information is mandated to be in a specific health care practitioner’s medical record;
  • To understand facility rules as applied to the individual health care practitioner;
  • To update electronic records confidentiality, retention, and disposition;
  • To focus on professional wills and business succession plans for the health care practitioner to govern the retention of medical records, and;
  • To grasp reasons for creating and implementing a medical records policy for the health care practitioner’s withdrawal from practice, incapacity, or death.


Why should you Attend
Working in today’s diverse, fast-changing, multidisciplinary health care environment, record keeping varies greatly from health care professional to health care professional.
In addition to clinical requirements of a specific profession, additional state laws set forth the content and retention of other types of records, other than clinical records of a patient, that are also kept by the professional, such as supervisory agreements with other professionals subordinate to them as well as their own unique record content requirements.
The professional should attend to understand a broad perspective on the many sources of requirements for the retention and disposition of medical records across the spectrum of health care, both legal and private/contractual requirements.
One area covered specifically concerns electronic record such when mental health services are offered over the internet, the risks of breaches of confidentiality also vastly increase. And when the successful doctor-patient relationship is over, how does the health care practitioner providing a mental health service dispose of these electronic records?
In addition to the sources of rules that govern the confidentiality, retention, and disposition of medical records, there are other sources of requirements for compliance with facility laws and contractual agreements.
In addition to state law requirements, how long should the health care practitioner retain records for the possible, future defense of a malpractice claim for negligent treatment? Or to retain such medical records when the patient is a minor? Or to defend a possible complaint and disciplinary action by a state regulatory agency which could revoke the professional.

Who Will Benefit
  • Individual health care practitioners;
  • Health care attorneys;
  • Corporate counsel in health care;
  • Corporate compliance officers, and
  • University faculty in health care.

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Mark worked as the assigned counsel to numerous health professions licensure boards as an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

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