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Advancing Ocean CDR Summit

Jul 09, 2024 - 08:00 AM - Jul 11, 06:00 PM
Hanson Wade
Hilton Boston Back Bay
40, Dalton St

ZIP: 02115
Phone: +44 (0)20 3141 8700

Ticket Price: USD 1899.00 - USD 4197.00

As the climate crisis worsens, it has become clear that reducing carbon emissions is not sufficient. There is a drastic need for carbon removal and storage solutions to offset current emission levels.

The Advancing Ocean CDR Summit is the definitive summit aimed at uniting project developers, policymakers and business leaders to discuss the huge opportunities presented by ocean-based carbon solutions.

Explore the breadth of innovation occurring within the ocean CDR spectrum, uncover the benefits of novel ocean CDR approaches and gain valuable insights from case studies showcasing the latest technology being utilized by our expert speakers.

Leave this meeting with the tools and connections required to scale up your business and take the next steps in averting the climate crisis. Engage in discussions around policy and best practices for ocean CDR, positioning your organization as a leader in driving the zero-carbon revolution.


Project Developer Pricing - Conference Only: USD 2299.00,
Project Developer Pricing - Conference + Workshop Day: USD 2997.00,
Government, NGO and Academic Pricing - Conference Only: USD 1899.00,
Government, NGO and Academic Pricing - Conference + Workshop Day: USD 2497.00,
Carbon Credit Buyer and Solution Provider Pricing - Conference Only: USD 3099.00,
Carbon Credit Buyer and Solution Provider Pricing - Conference + Workshop Day: USD 4197.00

Speaker Details

Benjamin Slotnick, Founder and CEO, Lillianah Technologies , Calum Fitzgerald, Founder, Ecopia Marine Limited, Dan Deviri, Cofounder and CEO, Carbon Blue, Edward Sanders, Chief Operating Officer, Equatic, Erick Contag, Co-Founder and Chairman, Sea Fields , Jason Grillo, Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Partnerships, AirMiners, Katie Lebling, Research Associate, World Resources Institute, Morgan Reed Raven, Chief Science Officer, Carboniferous, Nate Beatty, Vice President of Scientific Technology, Running Tide, Nichole Price, Senior Research Scientist, Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, Nicolas Sdez, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PRONOE, Raffael Jovine, Founder and Chief Scientist, Brilliant Planet, Romany Webb, Deputy Director, Columbia University, Rory Jacobson, Division Director for CDR, US Department of Energy, Samantha Deane, Founding Director, Kelp Forest Foundation , Steve Oldham, CEO, Captura Corp, Tremaine Bowman, Programme Support Officer, Sea Fields , Wil Burns, Co-Director, Institute for Responsible Carbon Removal, Zach Cockrum, Vice President and Policy and Partnerships, Vesta

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