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6th Targeted Protein Degradation Summit

Oct 30, 2023 - 08:30 AM - Nov 02, 05:30 PM
Hanson Wade
10 Huntington Avenue,

ZIP: 02116
Phone: +1 617 455 4188

Ticket Price: Conference Only - Drug Developer Pricing: USD 3299.00, Conference Only - Academic Pricing: USD 2899.00, Conference Only - Vendor Pricing: USD 3899.00
This Fall, the world's longest-standing and most comprehensive TPD meeting, the 6th TPD Summit, returns to Boston in 2023 as the trusted, definitive, end-to-end forum for the global network of protein degradation drug developers.
Ensure your whole team stays connected and miles ahead of the curve with unmatched industry insights across early discovery, through the clinic and towards approval.

Spanning the full breadth of PROTAC and molecular glue clinical development, to unveiling next generation strategies including AbTACs, DUBTACs, bioPROTACs, ATACs, AUTOTACs and more, this meeting is your definitive opportunity to troubleshoot challenging problems and inspire new ideas with peers.


Speaker Details

Agnieszka Konopacka, Scientific Leader Protein Degradation Group, GlaxoSmithKline, Alex Campos, Senior Director Proteomics Platform, Plexium, Anna Bunin, Director, Discovery and Translational Biology, Biohaven Pharmaceuticals , Beth Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer, Origami Therapeutics , Bradlee Heckmann, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Asha Therapeutics, Chris Nasveschuk, Senior Vice President, C4 Therapeutics, Connie Wang, Data Scientist, Amgen, Danette Daniels, Vice President Protein Degradation Platform, Foghorn Therapeutics, David Arthur, Chief Executive Officer, Salarius Pharmaceuticals, Debora Bonenfant, Vice-President Proteomics, Monte Rosa Therapeutics, Dong Seok Kim, Chief Executive Officer, Aevis Bio, Eddine Saiah, Chief Scientific Officer, Stablix, Erik Jonsson, Senior Scientist, Bristol Myers Squibb, Feng Wang, Senior Principal Scientist and Lab Head of Protein Homeostasis, Pfizer, Frances Rodriguez-Rivera, Director, Covant Therapeutics, Guangdi Wang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Endotarget, Gwenn Hansen, Chief Scientific Officer, Nurix Therapeutics, Hailong Zhang, Chief Executive Officer, Blueray Biopharma, Heekyu Lee, Senior Director Bioscience Division, Pin Therapeutics, Heide Duevel, DMPK Expert Targeted Protein Degradation, Merck KgaA, Huan Rui, Senior Scientist, Amgen, Ian Churcher, Chief Scientific Officer, Amphista, Ingo V. Hartung, Head of Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Design, EMD Serono, James Palacino, VP and Head of Biology, Orum Therapeutics, Jason Wiles, Vice President Discovery and Preclinical Sciences, Avilar Therapeutics, Jeff Bagdanoff, Senior Principal Scientist, Novartis, Jennifer Johnston, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, NysnoBio, Jesus Medina, Senior Director, Arvinas, Joe Pariseau, Director, Clinical Development Sciences, C4 Therapeutics , John Castle, Chief Data Scientist, Monte Rosa Therapeutics, Jose C. Clemente, Senior Director of Biology, Proteovant Therapeutics, Kaitlyn Lovato, Scientist, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Katya Marjon, Director Tumor Biology, Pfizer, Kelly Broccio, Senior Director, Targeted Protein Degradation, Oerth Bio, Kerry Benenato, Chief Scientific Officer, 76Bio, Kevin Woller, Senior Research Scientist II, AbbVie, Koichi Ito, Director Biology, Prelude Therapeutics, Kyung-Soo Inn, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Prazer Therapeutics, Laura La Bonte, Senior Director, Biology and Research Portfolio Strategy, Foghorn Therapeutics , Leah Fung, Chief Scientific Officer, Biotheryx, Luiz Miguel, Camargo Chief Scientific Officer, UbiquiTx, Inc., Marcel Rieker, Project Lead, Merck KgaA, Maria Soloveychik, Chief Executive Officer, SyntheX, Mark Niosi, Principal Scientist, Pfizer, Masahiko Hayakawa, Vice President, Head of Targeted Protein Degradation, Astellas Pharma Inc, Matthew Calabrese, Senior Director and Head of Structural and Molecular Sciences, Pfizer, Matthew O'Brien Laramy, Principal Scientist, Genentech, Matthias Brand, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Proxygen, Miklos Bekes, Associate Director, Arvinas, Nan Ji, Chief Executive Officer, PAQ Therapeutics, Naresh Jain, President and Chief Executive Officer, NJ Bio, Neil Torbett, Chief Executive Officer, PhoreMost, Nik Subramanian, Chief Technology Officer, Kantify, Owen Wallace, Chief Scientific Officer, Monte Rosa Therapeutics, Patrick Foster, Vice President CMC, C4 Therapeutics, Patrick Gunning, Chief Scientific Officer, Dunad Therapeutics, Paul Tempest, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Aprinoia Therapeutics, Pawel Dobrzanski, Vice President, Biology, Captor Therapeutics, Ping Cao, Chief Executive Officer, BridGene Biosciences, Qi Hao, Associate Director of Protein Sciences, Calico Labs, Randolph Lopez, Chief Technology Officer, A-Alpha Bio, Ricardo Sabatini, Chief Data Scientist, Orionis Biosciences, Richard Miller, Executive Director, Lead Discovery, Kymera Therapeutics, Rohan Beckwith, Vice President Chemistry, Neomorph Inc, Ruo Xu, Vice President Chemistry, Kintor Pharmaceuticals, Scott Foster, Principal Scientist, Genentech, Serena Bonifati, Senior Scientist, Sibylla Biotech, Shyra Gardai, Chief Scientific Officer, EpiBiologics, Simon Bailey, Executive Vice President, Drug Discovery, Plexium, Stefanus Steyn, Research Fellow, Pfizer, Steve Bellon, Chief Scientific Officer, Foghorn Therapeutics, Steven Sparks, Senior Research Fellow, Arvinas, Sule Karaman, Associate Director Preclinical Safety, Novartis - NIBR/ Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research, Toshitake Kobayashi, Vice President, Chemistry, FIMECS, Vijay Sabesan, Senior Vice President, Technical Operations and Quality, CMC, Kymera Therapeutics, Wu Du, Senior Vice President, Hinova Pharmaceuticals Inc., Ying Zhang, Senior Scientist, UCB Biosciences, Yong Cang, Chief Scientific Officer and Professor, Degron Therapeutics and ShanghaiTech University, Yong Tae Kwon, Professor and Chief Executive Officer, Seoul National University and AUTOTAC Bio Inc., Yue Xiong, Chief Scientific Officer, Cullgen , Yufei Xu, Senior Director, Triana Biomedicines, Levi Smith, Investor, Samsara BioCapital, Lucilia Mouries, Senior Scientific Program Manager, TPD Safety, Health and Environmental Sciences Institute (HESI), Steven Richards, Vice President Chemistry, Ambagon Therapeutic, Charu Chaudhry, Senior Principal Scientist, Janssen, Mary Mader, Vice President Molecular Innovation, Indiana Biosciences Research Institute, Dengfeng Dou, Vice President, Lead Generation Unit, Hitgen, Fredrik Rahm, Senior Project Advisor, Pelago Bioscience AB, Hannah Maple, Innovation Manager, BioTechne, Henrik Daub, Chief Scientific Officer, NEOsphere Biotechnologies GmbH, Karteek Kadimisetty, Director R and D, Lifesensors, Joe Fox, President, SCIEX, Kristin Riching, Senior Research Scientist, Promega, Rachel East, Research Analyst, Beacon Targeted Therapeutics, Swetha Murali, Senior Associate, OMX Ventures , Ai Yamamoto, Associate Professor, Columbia University , Breanna Zerfas, Senior Scientist, Group Leader Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The Center for Protein Degradation at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Chunhai Charlie Hao, Bicentennial Chair and Professor, Indiana University School of Medicine, Dan Nomura, Professor, UC Berkeley, View the full speaker faculty list in the 2023 Program

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