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6th Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance Summit | Boston, MA | February 27 - March 01, 2023

Feb 27, 2023 - 08:00 AM - Mar 01, 03:00 PM
Hanson Wade
Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston at Logan Airport
207, Porter St

ZIP: 02128

Ticket Price: USD 2199.00 - USD 6046.00

The 6th Antigen-Specific Immune Tolerance Summit returns as the definitive industry-dedicated forum bringing you the latest discoveries, preclinical, translational, and early clinical developments on tolerogenic therapies.  

Immune tolerance is not only the most dramatic and therapeutically advantageous approach in the industry's arsenal against autoimmunity; it is also transforming the biologic and gene therapy landscape through reducing ADA formation and paving the way for the industry to make multiple, lower doses while achieving greater effects.  

Molecular mechanisms underlying tolerance induction are yet to be elucidated, and the clinical challenges have highlighted the need to overcome the translational obstacles the space is facing. Meanwhile, ongoing investment and collaboration continues, and the space is filled with excitement as many start-ups are developing immune-tolerance tools based on cell therapies and immune-modifying nanoparticles.  

Attending this unique summit will allow you to meet 80+ industry leaders and:  

Delve into and tackle complex heterogenous diseases with multiple antigens and epitopes 

Explore the breadth of novel technologies and platforms for antigen delivery and navigate frequency of administration to transform tolerance strategies 

Investigate clinical endpoints and determinants of efficacy 

and much more...  

Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear from and connect with drug developers and researchers supercharging life-changing and ground-breaking antigen-specific immunotherapies into the clinic and to patients in need.  


Industry Pricing - Conference + 3 Workshops: USD 4946.00,
Industry Pricing - Conference + 2 Workshops: USD 4297.00,
Industry Pricing - Conference + 1 Workshop: USD 3648.00,
Industry Pricing - Conference Only: USD 2999.00,
Academic Pricing - Conference + 3 Workshops: USD 3246.00,
Academic Pricing - Conference + 2 Workshops: USD 2897.00,
Academic Pricing - Conference + 1 Workshop: USD 2548.00,
Academic Pricing - Conference Only: USD 2199.00,
Solution Provider Pricing - Conference + 3 Workshops: USD 6046.00,
Solution Provider Pricing - Conference Only: USD 2899.00

Speakers: Aaron Winkler, Research Fellow, Immune Tolerance Lead, Pfizer, Antoon van Oosterhout, Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President - Research and Development, Imcyse, Arpita Maiti, Head of Immunology - Search and Evaluation, AbbVie, Betty Diamond, Professor, Feinstein Institute for Medical Research, Brendan Classon, Executive Vice President - Clinical and Translational Development, Parvus Therapeutics, Bruna Barneda, Director - Preclinical and Clinical Development, Ahead Therapeutics, Charlotte Fribert, Chief Executive Officer, Toleranzia, Daniel Lagassé, Biologist, FDA CBER, David Fox, Professor - Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, Immune Tolerance Network, Fred Ramsdell, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Sonoma Biotherapeutics, Georg Schett, Vice President - Research and Professor,  Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Glennda Smithson, Senior Director - Head of Celiac Discovery and Biomarkers, Takeda, Heather Denroche, Director, Preclinical Development, Integrated Nanotherapeutics Inc., Hidde Ploegh, Professor, Boston Children's Hospital, José Carballido, Executive Director - Translational Medicine and Preclinical Safety, Novartis, Kei Kishimoto, Chief Scientific Officer, Selecta Bio, Kristie Grebe, Senior Vice President - Immunology and Translational Development, Anokion, Leonard Dragone, Chief Medical Officer, Sonoma Biotherapeutics, Markus Ollert, Director - Infection and Immunity Department, Luxembourg Institute of Health, Matthias von Herrath, Vice President and Senior Medical Officer, Novo Nordisk, Michael Boyne, Vice President of Product Development, Cour Pharmaceutical Development Company, Pankaj Gupta, Director, Search and Evaluation Lead, Inflammation and Immunology, Pfizer, Poul Sorensen, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Allero Therapeutics, Stefano Vavassori, Head of Immunology, Cellerys, Stephen Miller, Professor Emeritus of Microbiology- Immunology, Northwestern University, Ulf Hannelius, President and Chief Executive Officer, Diamyd Medical

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