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4th Tumor Myeloid Targeting Therapies Summit 2024

Jun 11, 2024 - 08:00 AM - Jun 13, 05:00 PM
Hanson Wade
Hilton Boston Back Bay
40 Dalton Street,

ZIP: 02115
Phone: +1 617 455 4188

Ticket Price: USD 2199.00 - USD 5097.00

The landscape of innate immune cells is rapidly advancing towards clinical applications. Multiple published studies in the last year repeatedly affirm that targeting myeloid cells rather than the cancer cells themselves can shrink tumors, further providing confidence in their potential as a clinically effective therapeutic.

The 4th Annual Tumor Myeloid Targeting Therapies Summit captures this progressive momentum and is welcoming innate immunity experts from
biopharma and academia to showcase novel clinical practices across multiple myeloid subsets.
As the field extends beyond macrophages, this meeting will also cover MDSCs, neutrophils and dendritic cells and delves into their intricate interactions within the TME for treating resistance in a range of cancers.

Hear from the likes of MD Anderson, Gilead Sciences, Onchilles Pharma, DEM Biopharma, NGM Biopharma and many more to uncover translational lessons learned when using combination therapies for tumor eradication, discover novel targets to assess the efficacy of myeloid cell-based interventions, decipher the complexities of the TME in liquid and solid tumors and more in this year's agenda.

As we stand at the forefront of ground-breaking discoveries, prioritizing collaboration becomes essential to unveil the most effective myeloid-based therapies while addressing key challenges that stand in the way of their development. Join your peers in the innate immunity field to take part in strategic networking and scientific knowledge exchange at this must-attend event.


Conference Only - Drug Developer: USD 2999.00,
Conference + Pre - Conference Workshop Day - Drug Developer: USD 4197.00,
Conference Only - Service Provider: USD 3699.00,
Conference + Pre - Conference Workshop Day - Service Provider: USD 5097.00,
Conference Only - Academic: USD 2199.00,
Conference + Pre - Conference Workshop Day - Academic: USD 2897.00

Speaker Details

Akshata Udyavar, Senior Director, Actym Therapeutics, Peter Ellmark, CSO, Alligator Bioscience, Stephanie Casey Parks, Principal Scientist, Amgen, Mokkram Hossain, Senior Scientist, AstraZeneca, Michael Alonso, Vice President, Immunology and Pharmacology, Bolt Biotherapeutics, Ananta Paine, Biomarker Specialist, Boston University, Daniel Blumenthal, Associate Director, Carisma Therapeutics, David Reardon, Clinical Director and Professor of Medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Kipp Weiskopf, Co-founder/Fellow, DEM Biopharma, Aditya Murthy, Director, Immuno-oncology, Gilead Sciences, Roshan Kumar, Senior Director of External Innovations, HiFiBio Therapeutics, Miriam Merad, Director and Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Charlene Liao, President and CEO, Immune-Onc Therapeutics, Osiris M Belaunzaran, CSO Oncology, Immunos Therapeutics, Nagy Habib, Professorv Imperial College London, Pravesh Gupta, Odyssey Fellow MD, Anderson Cancer Center, Barbara Platzer, Associate Director, Novartis, Ravindra Gujar, Senior Scientist, Onchilles Pharma, Aram Mangasarian, CEO, TME Pharma, Jashodeep Datta, Assistant Professor, University of Miami, Jean Tchervenkov, Professor of Surgery, University of McGill , Jonathan Cools-Lartigue, Associate Professor, University of McGill

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Keywords: Health , oncology


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