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4th NASH USA Summit

Dec 15, 2020 - 07:50 AM - Dec 18, 04:00 PM
Hanson Wade
50 Park Plaza
Arlington Street,

United States,
ZIP: 02116
Phone: (+1) 617 455 4188

Ticket Price: Prices: USD 3797.00 - USD 5397.00

The NASH Summit offers an unrivalled, market leading opportunity to learn cutting-edge insights into the successes, setbacks and innovations in NASH drug development from the last 12 months. As the only totally comprehensive forum covering all aspects of NASH drug development from mechanistic science through to market access intelligence, this exclusively NASH dedicated conference is the meeting of the year in the NASH biopharma calendar.

Join over 80 speakers and 300 attendees across 4 days of unrivalled depth and breadth of discussion broken down into:
- 4 tracks hosting scientific case studies and thought leading panel analysis of discovery, translational and clinical drug development, and non-invasive biomarker application in the clinical algorithm of care
- 7 discussion driven, expert led workshops into: epigenetics, targeting the inflammasome, assessing translational models and non-invasive evaluations of NAFLD and NASH; understanding NASH associated-hepatocellular carcinoma, drug safety in NASH, and regulatory and clinical considerations for paediatric NASH
- 2 forward thinking seminars dedicated to applying relationships and lessons learned from wider anti-fibrotic drug development for pulmonary, renal and cardiac fibrosis to hepatic fibrosis, and understanding the market access challenges associated with NASH including the pricing and reimbursement considerations

Join conference chair Jason Campagna, Chief Medical Officer at Intercept, and 350+ attendees as the community comes together again to address challenges and the consequences of change in the next generation of the NASH market.


Gold - Conference + 2 Focus Days - Standard Price for Drug Developers: USD 4797.00,
Gold - Conference + 2 Focus Days  - Early Admission Price for Drug Developers: USD 3797.00,
Gold - Conference + 2 Focus Days - Standard Price for Service Providers: USD 5397.00,
Gold - Conference + 2 Focus Days - Early Admission Price for Service Providers: USD 4397.00

Speaker Details

Ariel Feldstein - Professor and Chief, Pediatric Gastroenterology - UC San Diego, Bin Gao - Chief, Laboratory of Liver Diseases -  NIAAA NIH, Frank Anania -Acting Clinical Team Leader, Division of Gastroenterology and Inborn Errors Products  FDA, Johannes Taminiau - Pediatric Committee (PDCO), European Medicines Agency (EMA), Pediatric Gastroenterologist  University Hospital Antwerp/Paola Children’s Hospital (Belgium), Vijay Shah -Consultant, Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Department of Internal Medicine  Mayo Clinic, Adrienne Stoudenmire- Director, Project Management, Cardiovascular/Metabolic Therapeutic Group  ICON, Ajit Dash - Safety Science Associate Medical Director  Genentech, Alka Shaunik - Senior Director – Global Medical Affairs  Sanofi, Andrew Billin - Director, Biomarker Sciences  Gilead, Ankang Li - Chief Finance Officer  Terns Pharmaceuticals, Ann-Marie Richard - Patient and External Association Engagement Lead  Pfizer, Becky Taub - Chief Medical Officer, Executive Vice President, Research and Development  Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, Bill Esler - Senior Director  Pfizer, Bob Zhang - Chief Executive Officer  Kunming Biomed International (KBI), Bryan Fuchs - Therapeutic Area Head, GI and Liver Disease  Ferring International, Chandra Saravanan - Senior Veterinary Pathologist  Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (NIBR), Claudio Mori - Medical Strategy and Portfolio Lead  Vifor Pharma, Daren Ure - Chief Scientific Officer  Hepion Pharmaceuticals, David Woodhouse - Chief Executive Officer  NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Deepa Rajagopalan - Executive Director, Strategic Planning, Enterprise Management, NASH and Primary Biliary Cholangitis  Intercept, Deepak Kumar Rajpal - Head, Bioinformatics, Translational Sciences, US  Sanofi, Derek Achila - Director and Senior Analyst – Biotechnology  Stifel Nicolaus, Eduardo Martins - Vice President, Clinical Development  Allergan, Elias Paptheodorou - Chief Executive Officer  Genkyotex, Francois Briand-Director, Research and Business Development  Physiogenex, Glenn Rosen - Vice President - Preclinical Translational Sciences and Small Molecules  Coherus Biosciences, Hank Mansbach - Chief Medical Officer  89Bio, Harold Shlevin - Chief Executive Officer and President  Galectin Therapeutics, Heather Hsu - Chief Scientific Officer  Inipharm, Hubert Chen - Chief Medical Officer  Metacrine, Jason Campagna - Senior Vice President and Global NASH Lead  Intercept, Jay Chuang - Senior Scientist  Gilead, Jeffrey Wager - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer  Proterris, Jerry Colca - Chief Scientific Officer  Cirius Therapeutics, Joanne Imperial - Vice President, Clinical Research  Blade Therapeutics, Julia Brosnan - Senior Director, External Collaborations and Scientific Alliances  Pfizer, Kyungil Kim Chief Operating Officer and Chief Scientific Officer  Glaceum, Liat Hayardeny - Chief Scientific Officer  Galmed Pharmaceuticals, Manu Chakravarty - Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President  Axcella Health, Maria Wilson - Project Team Leader  Genentech, Mark Feitelson - Chief Scientific Officer  SFA Therapeutics, Martijn Fenaux - Vice President and Head of Biology  Terns Pharmaceuticals, Melissa Palmer - Independent Consultant, (Formerly) Head of Liver Disease Development  Takeda, Michael Badman - Translational Medicine Expert  Novartis, Nikolai Naoumov - Executive Director, Hepatology Science and Innovation  Novartis, Peter Traber - Partner  Alacrita Consulting, RJ Tesi - Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer  INmune Bio, Roberto Calle - Executive Director  Pfizer, Rugmani Padmanabhan Iyer - Senior Scientist – Cardiovascular, Inflammation and Fibrosis  Merck, Rusty Montgomery - Director, Research  Miragen Therapeutics, Scott Harris - Chief Medical Officer  Altimmune, Star Seyedkazemi - Associate Vice President, Clinical Development  Allergan, Stephen Rossi - Vice President, Early Clinical Development  CymaBay Therapeutics, Tom Wynn - Vice President, Discovery Inflammation and Immunology  Pfizer, Weilin Xie - Senior Principal Scientist  Celgene, Yasmeen Rahimi - MD and Senior Research Analyst, Co-Head of Biotechnology Research  ROTH Capital Partners, Davide Povero - Senior Research Scientist, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  Mayo Clinic, Hannah Drescher - Postdoctoral Research Fellow  Massachusetts General Hospital, Jagpreet Chhatwal - Assistant Professor  Harvard Medical School, Jelena Mann - Professor of Epigenetics  Newcastle University, Kathleen Corey - Director, MGH Fatty Liver Clinic, MGH Gastrointestinal Unit  Massachusetts General Hospital, Laura Nagy - Professor Molecular Medicine, Staff in Pathobiology and Gastroenterology, Lerner Research Institute  Cleveland Clinic, Lee Borthwick - Fibrosis Biology Lecturer  Newcastle University, Naim Alkhouri - Director of the Metabolic Center  The Texas Liver Institute, Neil Henderson - Chair of Tissue Repair and Regeneration, Centre for Inflammation Research  University of Edinburgh, Peter Caravan - Co-Director Institute for Innovation in Imaging  Massachusetts General Hospital, Yury Popov - Assistant Professor of Medicine  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Anthony and Betsy Villioti - President and Co- Founders  NASH Knowledge, Donna Cryer - President and Chief Executive Officer  Global Liver Institute, Wayne Eskridge - Chief Executive Officer  Fatty Liver Foundation

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