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3rd In Vivo Cell Engineering and Gene Editing Summit

Jul 09, 2024 - 08:00 AM - Jul 11, 04:10 PM
Hanson Wade
The Colonnade Hotel
120, Huntington Ave

ZIP: 02116

Ticket Price: USD 2599.00 - USD 5097.00

Welcome to the 3rd In Vivo Cell Engineering and Gene Editing Summit!

As promising pre-clinical and proof of concept results continue to emerge, the pivotal shift from the 'dream' of in vivo cell engineering and gene editing is rapidly becoming a reality as numerous companies push towards the clinic. Uniting key thought-leading experts, the 3rd In Vivo Cell Engineering and Gene Editing Summit will be a uniquely positioned, must-attend gathering, delving into all facets of development to spearhead in vivo as the frontier of cell and gene therapies.

This once-a-year meeting explores every aspect of in vivo cell and gene therapies, from selecting an appropriate animal model to discussing target specificity and unveiling strategies for advancing towards the clinic. Join C-level executives, VPs, and Directors in Discovery, Pre-Clinical, and Translational fields developing in vivo cell engineering and gene editing pipelines, as they converge to showcase various approaches, crystalize ambiguity, and ultimately advance pipelines to the next stage.

Crafted in collaboration with industry titans such as Capstan Therapeutics, Editas Medicine, NanoCell Therapeutics, Carisma Therapeutics, Mustang Bio, iECURE, and many others, our newly curated agenda for 2024 promises unparalleled insights.

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Join us this July to glean invaluable knowledge from our world-class speaker faculty, offering an exclusive dive into how experts plan to stay ahead of the curve and shape the future of cell and gene therapy in the years ahead.

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Conference + 2 Workshops - Drug Developer Pricing: USD 4197.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Drug Developer Pricing: USD 3598.00,
Conference Only - Drug Developer Pricing: USD 2999.00,
Conference + 2 Workshops - Start Up and Academic Pricing: USD 3597.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Start Up and Academic Pricing: USD 3098.00,
Conference Only - Start Up and Academic Pricing: USD 2599.00,
Conference + 2 Workshops - Standard Pricing: USD 5097.00,
Conference + 1 Workshop - Standard Pricing: USD 4398.00,
Conference Only - Standard Pricing: USD 3699.00

Speaker Details

Adrian Bot, Chief Scientific Officer, Capstan Therapeutics, Cecile Bauche, Chief Scientific Officer,, Colin Exline, Head of Gene Editing, Primera Therapeutics, Dharini Shah, Senior Director | Research and Immunology, Sanofi, Gabriel Cohn, Chief Medical Officer, iECURE, Jacek Lubelski, Chief Technology Officer, NanoCell Therapeutics, James Edinger, Chief Scientific Officer, Mustang Bio, John Zuris, Director | Delivery and Editing Technologies, Editas Medicine, Maggie Bobbin, Director | Editing Technologies | Specificity and Safety, Mammoth Biosciences, Marc Güell, ICREA Research Professor | UPF Principal Investigator | In Vivo CAR-T, Argobio Studio, Matthew Spindler, Vice President | Research, GigaMune, Michael Brehm, Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts, Michael Klichinsky, Chief Scientific Officer, Carisma Therapeutics, Nicolas Boyle, Chief Executive Officer, Abintus Bio, Renaud Vaillant, Chief Executive Officer,, Robert Mabry, Chief Scientific Officer, Orna Therapeutics, Stephen Russell, Chief Executive Officer, Vyriad Pharma

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