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Mar 27, 2019 - 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
WCS Consulting Inc.3190 Stirling Rd, Unit K4 ,Hollywood, FL 33021,

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You are new to Exporting or it’s a topic about which you think you should know something more. This 90-minute webinar will provide you with an introduction concerning what you need to know and familiarize you with the key aspects of US export controls. In plain English the presenter will describe your potential export concerns, explain how to protect you and your company from US export problems and give you a basic knowledge of how to avoid pitfalls associated with individuals or companies new to exporting.

Why one should attend
To learn the basics of US export controls; you will not walk away from this webinar as an expert on this topic, but you will be familiarized with the basic requirements in case you are even tangentially involved in exporting and you or your company are new, or relatively new to exporting.

Session Highlights
how you can be caught unawares with painful consequences;
● the agencies which control US exports; 
●product and data export classification and sources for help in classifying;
●export recordkeeping obligations;
●embargoes and sanctions on transactions with foreign countries;
●handling boycott requests from prospective or actual foreign customers;
●what are US Prohibited Party lists, why are there 20,000 names on them, and how even the export of even the simplest of US origin products are subject to them;
●how to minimize potential liability for foreign transshipments or reexports to prohibited destinations.
key learning objectives
  • Instilling awareness of US export control requirements;
  • Knowing which federal agencies and their mandates may apply and where to find them
  • Getting a handle on export recordkeeping
  • Navigating the export requirements that apply to even the simplest of products
  • Adopting simple procedures that protect you and your employer from export violations
  • Knowing where to look for more substantive information on exporting

Who Will Benefit
  • Trade compliance personnel
  • Sales representatives
  • Auditors
  • Managers and directors
  • In house legal counsel
  • Finance and Accounting personnel

Speaker Details

Speaker Profile

ROBIN GROVER is a licensed US customs broker and a trade lawyer with nearly 37 years’ experience in exports, imports, trade sanctions, foreign investment, and related topics.

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