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Translating the Microbiome

Apr 11, 2017 - 06:00 PM - Apr 13, 09:00 PM
The Colonnade Hotel 120 Huntington Avenue Boston, MA 02116,

MA ,
ZIP: 02116
Phone: 866-945-0263


About the Conference

Arrowhead Publishers is pleased to announce its 3rd Annual Translational Microbiome Conference is coming back to Boston on April 11-13, 2017. The conference will once again bring together the top companies in the microbiome space working to successfully commercialize microbiome-based diagnostics, therapeutics, adjunct therapies and direct-to-consumer services and products.
The meeting will continue to focus and build on the challenges and hurdles that companies working in the microbiome space will have to recognize and navigate in order to successfully commercialize their products. With a broad focus spanning multiple disease states (oncology, dermatology, inflammatory disorders, among others) attendees will have the opportunity to hear the leading companies discuss the work they have underway and how they are meeting these challenges head on to apply recent discoveries to a variety of disease processes, restoration of health and improved outcomes.
Conference topics will include speakers and panels on: 
♦ American Gastroenterological Assoc. FMT Registry
♦ Skin Microbiome
♦ Microbiome Collectives
♦ Media and the Microbiome
♦ Intellectual Property Management
♦ Pharma Deals in the Microbiome Space
♦ Investment Deals in the Microbiome Space 

New Additions to This Year's Conference

This year brings several exciting additions to the conference designed to offer attendees real insights and benefits that they can implement in their own organizations.
Parallel Nutrition and Consumer Tracks
First, this year’s conference will feature two parallel tracks on the second day closely focused on the nutrition and consumer industries and the specific challenges common to those companies trying to enter the microbiome space in those areas.
Pre-Conference Workshops
In addition, the conference will offer several hands-on, intensive pre-conference workshops to help attendees understand real-world issues and give them tools to start understanding how those issues impact their businesses.

More About the Microbiome and This Conference

Research into the microbiome is still in its infancy and yet has already revealed its potential role in a host of diseases, including obesity, Type 2 diabetes, inflammatory bowel diseases, preterm birth and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs), as well as numerous connections between the oral microbiome and systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, cardiac disease and pancreatic cancer.
Reflective of the microbiome’s potential as “the most exciting frontier in medicine,” according to Francis Collins, Director, NIH, are the numerous collaborative research projects underway, such as the Integrative Human Microbiome Project Research Consortium and the Human Microbiome Project, as well as any number of consortia at research institutions as Stanford, Arizona State University and others.
With an increasing awareness that many of our modern diseases are “lifestyle” related and that greater than 50% of current medications do not work for the individuals taking them, research in the microbiome presents a potential opportunity to provide significant preventative treatments, cures, therapies and supplements – with few or no adverse events - for a worldwide audience. Reflective of this trend is the fact that investment opportunities are growing in this area and many companies are rapidly moving towards potential translational work and the introduction of commercial ventures.
But there are numerous challenges and hurdles to be overcome before that value can be fully realized. This conference will focus not on pure research but rather on research squarely focused on the potential for translational interventions and the challenges the industry will need to address to make this space successful.

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