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Project Management Training Seminar

May 15, 2017 - 08:00 AM - May 18, 05:00 PM
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This course focuses on industry recognized best practices for managing complex projects. Attendees will learn how to create a Project Management plan consisting of subsidiary plans, how to ensure successful execution of the plan, and how to bring a project to completion on time. The course covers all project phases, including project planning, scheduling, control, and closing. Students will come away with the knowledge and tools to complete projects on time, within budget, and with the right scope. Comprehensive interactive exercises build competence and confidence in the skills being taught, with students applying tools and techniques in real-world scenarios to gain experience carrying out proven approaches to project management.

The course focuses on the processes articulated in the Project Management Institute's "Body of Knowledge" (PMBOK)® and provides a solid introduction to the fundamental principles of the PMBOK approach and best practices.

This class helps towards earning the required project management education hours needed for PMI® certifications such as Project Management Professional (PMP)® and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® as well as earning PDU's required for maintaining certification.

Course Prerequisites: Business experience working in teams is highly recommended although not required.

What Students Will Learn

    The 5 Phases and 9 Knowledge Areas of Project Management
    Building a Project Plan
    Determining Realistic Project Deliverables
    Estimating Costs of a Project
    Planning for Quality
    Building Productive Teams
    Managing Stakeholder Communications
    Risk Management Strategies
    Managing Procurement
    Monitoring and Rectifying Poor Performance
    Preventing Scope Creep
    Adjusting to Changes in a Project
    Quality Measurement Strategies
    Closing a Project

Project Management Course Overview
Overview of Project Management

    Definitions: Project, Deliverables, Constraints
    Requisite Skills for Project Managers
    5 Project Phases
    9 Knowledge Areas of Management

Human Resource Management

    Developing a Human Resource Plan
    Developing a RACI Matrix
    Acquiring Project Teams
    Considering Virtual Teams
    Developing Strong, Productive Teams
    Managing Project Teams

Integration Management

    Creating a Project Charter
    Creating a Project Management Plan
    Baselines for Scope, Cost, and Schedule
    Monitoring and Controlling Projects
    Managing Approved Changes

Communications Management

    Developing a Stakeholder Registry
    Developing a Communications Plan
    Communications Requirements Analysis
    Communication Technologies
    Distributing Information
    Conducting Successful Meetings
    Effective Presentations and Facilitation
    Managing Stakeholder Expectations
    Reporting on Performance

Scope Management

    Document Requirements
    Creating a Project Scope Statement
    Creating Work Breakdown Structures
    Creating the Scope Baseline
    Gaining Acceptance of Deliverables
    Understanding Variance Analysis

Risk Management

    Planning Risk Management
    Techniques to Identify Risks
    Using Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis
    Planning Risk Responses
    Updating the Risk Register

Time Management

    Tools for Creating Realistic Estimates
    Defining and Sequencing Activities
    Estimating Resources and Durations
    Determining Critical Path
    Determining Status of Project
    Influencing Factors that Change Schedules
    Adjusting Leads and Lags

Procurement Management

    Planning Procurements
    Performing Make or Buy Analysis
    Conducting Procurements
    Bidder Conferences
    Considering Different Contract Options
    Administering Procurements

Cost Management

    Tools for Estimating Costs
    Determining Budgets
    Controlling Costs
    Comparing Actual Costs to Baseline
    Calculating Project’s Earned Value

Closing a Project

    Verifying Completion of Exit Criteria
    Transferring Product, Services or Results
    Closing Procurements
    Auditing Project Success or Failure
    Archiving Project Information

Quality Management

    Quality Management Tools
    Developing a Quality Management Plan
    Performing Quality Assurance
    Performing Quality Control
    Determining Corrective Actions
    Initiating Preventive Actions
    Defining Defect Repairs
    Creating Change Requests


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