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Meetup:Inherently Secure Processors w/ Jothy Rosenberg, Dover Microsystems

Jul 25, 2017 - 02:00 PM - 04:30 PM
150 Broadway, Cambridge, MA,

ZIP: 02201

<p>Hey there to all our loyal secure things. I'm excited to announce a scheduled speaker for our July MeetUp on the 25th: <a href="">Jothy Rosenberg</a>, the CEO of secure silicon start-up Dover Microsystems. </p>
<p>Dover is addressing cyber security at its root cause: the processor. Dover licenses its patent-pending IP, dubbed "SAFE" to chip manufacturers and FPGA users that makes today’s processors secure against network-based cyber attacks. The company's inherently secure processor is available now, works with RISC-V with other processors coming soon and promises to be able to prevent buffer overflows, code injection, privilege escalation attacks and a wide range of other attacks. </p>
<p>There's a great video with an overview of Dover and SAFE here:</p>
<p><a class="embedded" href=""></a></p>
<p>An experienced CEO, COO, CTO and early stage investor, Jothy is an innovative entrepreneur experienced in early stage ventures as well as large companies. Prior to starting Dover, Jothy served as Technical Director in BAE System's Advanced Information Technology Division in Burlington and was a Group Leader at Draper Lab's Inherently Secure Processing Group. </p>
<p>Jothy brings expertise in Internet security, Web services, cloud computing, entrepreneurship. Started and/or led eight companies with two exits over $100M.  He is the author of Securing Web Services, The Cloud At Your Service, and Who Says I Can’t. <br></p>
<p>We look forward to seeing you on July 25th! </p>
<p> <br>Best,  <br>Paul</p>

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