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Live Webinar Onboarding Best Practices for Millennials and all Employees:Social, Cultural, & More!

May 08, 2018 - 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
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WCS Consulting Inc.3190 Stirling Rd, Unit K4 ,Hollywood, FL 33021,

ZIP: 33021
Phone: 347 282-5400

Ticket Price: $189 One Dial-in One Attendee |Corporate Live $289 One Dial In - Max 10 attendees | Group $449 Multiple locations upto 5 dial in|Recorded $219
Reducing turnover and fast-tracking new employees to productivity is a key business imperative. The reality is that about 30% of employees don’t make it past their first year and it’s expensive. Good recruitment and hiring can be quickly undone by disorganized poorly executed new employee orientation. And as millennials become a driving force in the workplace, they represent special opportunities and challenges. Every generation has unique needs and Millennials are no different. But good onboarding practices for Millennials is generally good for everyone. This is an opportunity to step up our game.
The research is clear; a systematic comprehensive onboarding process is good business. In fact formal onboarding increases the chance of keeping a new employee for at least 3 years by 69% and one study showed employees were productive two months earlier with an effective program. Employees get up to speed quicker and stay on the job longer when their first year experience is well managed.

Why should one attend this webinar?

Effective onboarding ensures employees become more productive and effective more quickly, increases engagement, and improves retention. Onboarding best practices is a competitive advantage for companies that want to succeed.


Areas Covered

•     The purpose and benefits of a great onboarding program
•     Understand the 5 key components of a best practices onboarding program.
•     Understand the four “C’s”: Compliance, Clarification, Culture, Connection
•     8 Tips for enhancing Millennial onboarding
•     Applying gamification to onboarding – why and how
•     How to structure a comprehensive onboarding plan
•     Nurturing Millennials from the start
•     Five metrics to help measure effectiveness
•     How to build connections with new hires
•     Quickly getting Millennials to their full potential
•     How retention interviews support onboarding
•     Receive an assessment of your onboarding program
•     Receive coaching and mentoring questions to build engagement and loyalty
•     How to use technology to modernize your program
•     Best practices for effective programs
•     Problems and pitfalls to avoid in building your program
•     Tips and ideas to make your program more effective


Who will Benefit

•    HR professionals
•    Directors
•    Generalists
•    Employment specialists
•    Managers and front-line supervisors
•    Company leaders


Speaker Details

Speaker Profile

Wes Pruett is owner of HR Advisors LLC, a consulting practice that provides service to clients who seek to align their business and employees creating successful outcomes and excellent work environments. After 20 years in senior leadership within the Mayo Health System he founded HR Advisors.

Mr. Pruett provides solutions to companies for a wide variety of HR issues including compensation, compliance, policy development, performance management, and employee relations. Mr. Pruett regularly facilitates employee training related to communication, leadership, DiSCu00ae, coaching and strategic planning. He is a certified business coach credentialed by the International Coach Federation.


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