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Kids in The KITCHEN

Oct 28, 2017 - 06:00 AM - 07:00 PM
The KITCHEN presented by The Trustees
The Boston Public Market 100 Hanover Street Boston, MA 02108,

ZIP: 02201

Kids in The KITCHEN

Presented by The Trustees

Join us in The KITCHEN for a series of cooking classes for kids ages 6-12 to learn about local food and the journey it makes from the farm to the table. In these hands-on classes, kids explore and taste the seasonal bounty of the region through the local vendors of the Boston Public Market.

These classes are held in collaboration with vendors in the Boston Public Market and are taught by market vendor cooks or farmers who tell first-hand stories about where the ingredients are sourced and how they are grown/made.

Classes will be held on the following Saturday mornings from 10:00 am to 11:00 am:

  • July 15

  • July 22

  • July 29

  • August 12

  • August 26

  • September 9

  • October 21

  • October 28

  • November 18

  • November 25

  • December 9

  • December 16

Parents: You are welcome to stay and watch the activity during the class. If you would like to leave your kids in the KITCHEN without you, please do not leave the Boston Public Market, and please plan to pick them up promptly after the 1-hour class has concluded.

Classes are deliberately small (max 18 kids) so please register in advance to guarantee your spot.

IF YOUR CHILD HAS A FOOD ALLERGY, please email [email protected] and provide details of what foods to avoid.

July 15 | Strawberry Shortcake with Stillman's Farm

Nothing screams summer more than strawberry shortcake on a hot summer afternoon. We are bringing a handmade version of this treat to your kids at The KITCHEN. Kids will choose a freshly baked biscuit from Somerville Bread Company, top them with ripe and juicy strawberries from Stillman’s Farm, and learn how to whip up freshly made, lightly sweetened whipped cream from Appleton Farms to finish their masterpiece

July 22 | Spiralized Veggies with Stillman's Farm

Learn how to spiralize your veggies! This hands-on class teaches kids how to turn seasonal veggies, like Stillman’s squash and zucchini, into tender and delicious veggie spaghetti using a veggie spiralizer. The finished spiralized veggies will be transformed into the perfect summer dish, as we top the noodles with a homemade basil pesto, blended up right on site. Teach your kids that veggies can be fun (and delicious!).

July 29 | Peach Parfaits with Stillman's Farm

It's stone-fruit season!! Celebrate all the juicy goodness with a peach class at The KITCHEN. We'll make peach parfaits with fresh peaches from Stillman's Farm, yogurt from Appleton Farms, and handmade granola. Kids will learn about different types of stone fruits, make their own sweet and salty granola, and will build their parfaits to enjoy after class.

August 12 | Sunflowers with Siena Farms

Visit Siena Farms in Sudbury and you'll be greeted by thousands of golden sunflowers! More than a beautiful flower, the sunflower plant has many uses including the seeds (edible), petals (dyes), leaves (edible!), and roots (medicinal). Similar to the sunflower plant, the Jeruselem artichoke has a beautiful golden flower and a delicious root that can be seasoned and roasted. Kids will learn about all about sunflowers and roast jeruselem artichokes with seaonal herbs and spices.

August 26 | Veggie Sushi with Stillman's Farm

Veggies are so versatile! One way to make them fun is to wrap them up into a colorful & flavorful sushi roll. Kids will get their hands dirty as they perfect their sushi rolling technique, rolling up fresh seasonal veggies from Stillman’s like asparagus, cucumber, and peppers tightly into their very own sushi roll. They will finish off their veggie sushi, with an easy, savory tamari dipping sauce.

September 9 | All about Spices!

Learn about spices and flavors! This interactive workshop engages participants in games and tastings that introduce them to the science of flavors and aromas. Participants learn about taste by experiencing various flavors and spices.

Tickets: $9 for Trustees members and $15 for General Tickets (non-members). Join The Trustees and receive 20%-50% off all classes, workshops, and events at The KITCHEN and all Trustees properties.

Fall Topics:

  • October 21 | Autumn Fruits (apples and pears)

  • October 28 | Greens & Squashes

  • November 18 | Grains (muffins)

  • November 25 | Proteins (animal vs. vegetable)

  • December 9 | Dairy (cheese making)

  • December 16 | Shopping Locally (starts in the Market & cook what we've bought!)

About The Trustees and The KITCHEN

As one of the largest owners of agricultural land and the premier steward of the cultural and natural landscape of Massachusetts, The Trustees extends its leadership to transform the local food system by connecting residents and visitors back to the land and sharing the Commonwealth’s collective agrarian heritage through innovative retail and educational experiences at the Boston Public Market in the heart of downtown Boston.

The KITCHEN is a community gathering place, managed by The Trustees, that is restoring the craft of seasonal cooking in Massachusetts, New England, and beyond through hands-on classes and educational experiences that celebrate the farmers and artisans of this region. Partnered with the Boston Public Market, The KITCHEN embraces a whole-food approach to eating and promotes cooking as an essential cornerstone of a sustainable food system.

Join The Trustees and receive 20%-50% off all classes, workshops, and events at The KITCHEN and all Trustees properties.

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