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Dungeons & Dragons Classic (a la Red Box, BECMI, Rules Cyclopedia)

Oct 31, 2017 - 02:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Round Table Games
128 Main Street Suite A Carver, Massachusetts 02330,

ZIP: 02201

What is it? Dungeons & Dragons Classic

We will be playing through the original modules using the original D&D Basic rules (The box set (not the Dr. Holmes edition), BECMI and the Rules Cyclopedia as references.

Experience is not necessary and we'll teach you to play like they did in 1981. Roll up a character or pre-gen's are available

The current adventure is.......X3: Curse of Xanathon

Something is rotten in Rhoona...

When the grotesque god, Cretia, casts his ugly shadow over the town, strange things start happening. First, Duke Stephen vanishes. Then the bizarre proclamations begin coming out of the Ducal Palace... dwarves are outlawed... taxes must be paid in beer... horses must be ridden backwards. Soon the entire town is in an uproar and a dwarven army is marching on Rhoona. This is the situation when you and your party of valiant adventurers arrive in the suffering town.

When does it happen? Every Tuesday from 6pm to 10pm

Where does it happen? Round Table Games at 128 Main St., Ste. A Carver, MA 02330

What does it cost? $5 per session OR a minimum $10 purchase in the store the day of the adventure IF you register at least 1 day before the event; ticket prices double the day of the event if there are spaces available. (a $15 purchase in the store the day of the adventure waives the table fee if you did not preregister). Keep in mind many events have a table cap and if you do not preregister a space is not guaranteed.

What do you get? 4+ hours of gaming entertainment/ education

1 Quest card punch. Get 10 punches on your Quest card and you can use it for $5 off any paid tournament or event. (see!reward-programs/c1yi0 here for details)

Chivalry points (1 point for every $ spent including the session fee). These can be saved for free drinks/ snacks or discounts on products. See details here.

A noble title within our realm. Play enough and get discounts on events and products. See here

You must be registered in Round Table Game's Rewards program to get the full benefits (registration is free.)


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