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The Conference on Big Data Security

Jul 17, 2013 - 08:00 AM
Back Bay Hilton, 40 DALTON ST,

ZIP: 02115

Big Data is big buzz in the information security world. The promise of what huge data stores can offer to the business drives the obsession with collection. But for the security professional, Big Data equals big risk – and potentially big headaches. It is more than scale that confronts security and audit professionals adapting to this data revolution. The security implications for collecting, storing and utilizing data are multi-fold. Big Data security requires all of the necessary fundamentals found in any well-secured IT environment, and then some. This conference will foster an understanding of the technology, provide valuable insights by those on the front lines, and reveal innovative techniques for securing emerging data technologies in old-world architectures. Sessions Include the Following Topics: - Enhanced Security Capabilities for Hadoop - Policy & Governance in a Big Data Environment - Migrating Big Data to the Cloud - Phishing in a Big Pond: Big Data Big Phish - Large Scale Cloud (Petabyte) Forensics - Protecting Consumer & Corporate Privacy in the Era of Big Data - Using Big Data for Good: Security Analytics in the Real World - Big Data and Compliance: Beyond PCI and HIPAA - Managing User Access in a Big Data Environment - Pulp Google Hacking: Next Generation Search Engine Arsenal Keynote Presentations WEDNESDAY, July 17 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM When Big Data Changed the World We Secure Brian Fitzgerald, Vice President, RSA The Security Division of EMC Information security professionals have always had to juggle security concerns against business growth needs. But now data is king across all industries and never before have we been tasked with securing so much data in so many places. it is daunting to even consider the bulk of what we keep and the repercussions if it is leaked or lost. in this insightful keynote address, Mr. Fitzgerald will examine how the old rules in security no longer apply and why, ultimately, Big data will be a savior to the field. He will commiserate about the “good- ole-days” of security and what it means to keep so much data for so long. Whether utilizing data in the cloud or a cluster, how will Big data deliver on its promise to revolutionize threat detection and hacker attacks? can we keep data safe by sharing more of it? mr. Fitzgerald will discuss this and possible future applications. Big data is here to stay – and how you utilize it will determine if it is a blessing or curse for security. THURSDAY, July 18 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM Security in the On-Demand, Big-Data Ecosystem Wilco van Ginkel, Enterprise Strategy, Verizon Enterprise Solutions; Co-Chair, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Big Data Working Group (BDWG) Big data has entered our lives, ready or not. The Big Data Working Group is concerned with tackling the security aspects of Big data, which to date has raised many different questions and concerns, both in our society at large and in our enterprises. Mr. van Ginkel will discuss the current trends and latest findings around Big data security. He will share his view of Big data taxonomy and debunk many fears while perhaps elevating others. attendees will explore the Big data Security risk management approach and discuss the special security concerns brought on by a world that needs 24/7 on-demand data. Featured General Sessions Adrian Lane, CTO, Securosis Dr Arnab Roy, Researcher, Fujitsu Laboratories; Lead, Cryptography Subgroup, BDWG, Cloud Security Alliance; Member, NIST Cloud Computing Security Working Group is a Media Partner for this conference. Please use the coupon code: BD13-BE to get a discounted ticket! CONFERENCE ONLY TICKETS ($1685) These tickets, listed through lets you participate in the full two day conference in Boston (Jul 17-18). Optional workshops are not included in the conference in this ticket. If these tickets are sold out, the full priced tickets may be purchased from the event website: is a Media Sponsor for this event

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